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Team Members:


        Wow, what an interesting last couple months it has been for our
team. Kyle recieved a keylogger onto his computer, which then stole his nitto pw and then later stole all of his cars and money. After talking him into comming back to the nitto family, our team is strong and running again. Sorry to all the people who had applied with applications for the team. The incident with Kyle's account happened like the day before we decided to pick. As of right now we are just picking people that we think will be good.  To join, you'll have to talk to one of us in the Bracket Room. Well I haven't updated the website since the incident, so i'm updateing it this morning. Keep Racin'! - Eric
      We have decided to cut the application period shorter. We will now pick our new member on April 20th.  Any new applications wont be accepted after April 19th. We will report who wins in the bk room, and will send a e-mail out to the winner.  We have found that we have given too much time for applications, and next time we will only give a week or two. Ok good luck! ~Eric
     We have choosen to open up the Team Application page on our site, to allow 1 racer to join our team. We will pick on APRIL 30th, out of the racers that have choosen to apply. We will not pick favorites, but only who is the best racer. When you provide your e-mail address to us, we will inform you on how to show us your racing skills. Here is the criteria before you start to fill out the form.
  • F1 or Mopar (If mopar, you have to be very good at bk)
  • A Class record
  • You can't Glitch or Scam

     Ok, good luck everyone. On April 30th we will inform whos on the team in the BK Chat Room.   - Eric 

      Both Kyle and I have heard about the scammer that try's to act as one of the parking crew members. No one trust *Parking*Spot*. Too bad there has to be people like that out there.
      Well, we are trying to get the site up and running, please be patient with us. While your waiting, send us team races.



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